Agent Virginia is one of the many Agents in the "Freelancer" series. She was given the AI, Xi.



Like Alaska she was also adopted by the Director but for a different reason. Her father was arrested for killing his wife and abusing Virginia however while she did suffer abuse it was from training with her father, she had learned so many skills and learned to fight excellently. She ran away from her foster home due it being to boring for her. She was found by the Director and she was very enthusiastic to be in Project Freelancer she met Alaska and since then they have grown close and developted a brother and sister bond although he real brother is West Virginia.

Early Years

She trained hard it had been proved thats her father had taught her well and she grew to become an excellent freelancer and the project only made her stronger.

Training Sesion

One day her and 3 fellow freelancers Nevada, Hawaii, and Arizona fought Tex the first 2 rounds of pugil sticks and hand to hand combat were lost. However her teamfigured out to use Arizonas recently aquired AI, Zeta to help them win. However it did not go as planed because she was betrayed by Arizona for trying to help him when he didn't want it. She later watches Tex and Arizona fight in round 2 of lockdown paint along with Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska and the Director where Arziona uses his armor lock. Everyone is shocked to see Arizona use his armor lock so they decide to stop him. Virginia distracts Arizona while the others help Tex, she is able to hold her own against Arizona for quite a while but is eventually caught of guard and shot.



Although they don't talk to eachother much they do seem to be capable of working together in their fight against Texas also Nevada trusted her to handle Arizona while he and Hawaii helped Tex.


Virginia and Hawaii care for for eachother very much. During their fight against Tex, Virginia defended Hawaii from Tex many times.


Virginia and Alaska share a brother-sister relationship becuase they were both adopted by the Director.


Virginia and Arizona don't interact much, but when Arizona suggested using his AI to fight Tex, she agreed to it, however this may only be because of the way Tex was treating Hawaii during their fight.


Virginia trusts the Director completely, due to the fact that the Director adopted her, when Arizona said the Director wasn't a trustworthy guy Virginia told him to watch his mouth.


Virginia doesn't like Texas very much due to how she treated Hawaii during their fight, she is shown to be very aggressive towards Tex during their fight and doesn't hold back, when fighting her, but when Tex was in trouble because of Arizona using his Armor Enhancement she put their differences aside and distracted Arizona while Nevada and Hawaii helped her.