Hawaii is one of the many Freelancers in the "Freelancer" series. He was implanted with the AI, Upsilon.



As a child Hawaii was a Martial Artist one of the best in his class. One day the Director came to Martial Arts class to see if anyone was worthy of being in Project Freelancer, when he saw Hawaii he was amazed at his skills and decided to ask Hawaii to join Project Freelancer and Hawaii did.

Later Years

Hawaii quickly became one of the best freelancers of all time however he proved to be to hyperactive and playful as a result he was forced to endure training sesions that caused him serious physical pain as a result he stoped his childish ways and became very serious in practicing to become a great freelancer.

Training Sesion

Hawaii was one of the 4 freelancers to be put up against Agent Texas the others being Nevada, Arizona, and Virginia and actually managed to be helpfull in the fight with Tex once he even hit her on the face. However despite this they were still losing and Arizona resorted to using his AI, Zeta, when Hawaii tried to help he was immediatly betrayed by his teammate along with all of his other teammates (with the exception of Nevada) later when Arizona and Nevada were fighting he calmed them down and told them if they were to suceed they needed to work as a team, he watched as Tex and Arizona fought with the later using his armor enhancment. Hawaii and his team couldn't belive what Arizona was doing so they decided to stop him. Hawaii and Nevada tried to help Tex but they were repeatedly punched when they tried to help. Eventually, Tex agreed to let them help, and since Virginia was shot they decided to distract Arizona themselves. It worked, but Hawaii was shot in the face by Arizona before Tex could get Arizona down.